Grant Feature

Applications are now being accepted for the Christina Sue Lilja Resource Grant presented by the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. It is open to all educators to provide funding to purchase agriculture literacy resources from the Ag Foundation store.

Applications are due online by June 30, 2021.

50 grants of $100 credit will be awarded to educators. More information can be found here.

Agriculture… à la carte- Your Weekly Ag Update:

The pandemic continues to be one of the main causes for the high demand for lumber due to home improvement projects and new construction. This high demand caused a shortage of lumber which led  the price to skyrocket.

In addition to the pandemic, California wildfires also impacted the price of lumber because salvage timber, which must be harvested within a year, takes priority over green timber.

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What’s Growin’ On? The Benefits of By-products available now!

Our 19th edition of What’s Growin’ On?, The Benefits of By-products, is available online for download and orderable online!

California teachers are eligible to receive a free classroom set, up to 50! Request your FREE class set today here!

Check out the video to view an easy, educational activity that the student newspaper offers!

June’s Teacher Feature

Cassie Gocke, a high school teacher in Stanislaus County, is June’s featured teacher in our Cream of the Crop Newsletter! ⁠

“I love the Literacy for Life grant opportunity because I have been able to implement a new project that will continue to sustain itself through funds raised while teaching students about creating and marketing agricultural products.”⁠

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