Fun Fact Friday

It’s National Pizza Party Day!ūüćē We’re inspired by these mini pizzas made by Woodlake Elementary School students in Sacramento. They even made their own pizza sauce! Your ūüćē all starts on the farm ūüöú! The below resources explain how:

Processing Tomato Fact and Activity Sheet

What’s Growin’ On Cultural Cuisine (page 8)

Farming in Everywhere (page 10)

Learn About Ag…Beef!

ūüćĒMay is National Hamburger Month!ūüćĒ

What does it take to get from pasture to plate? We got a peek at the process with the California Beef Council’s tour Рcheck out our behind the scenes photos below.

Want FREE beef related resources? We have those too. Download or order yours today: Beef Fact and Activity Sheet

More! 14 different cattle/beef related resources!

Fun Fact Friday

#FunFactFriday: An average acre of California farmland can produce 21 to 27 TONS of strawberries! That’s a lot of fruit.

Berries are May’s Taste and Teach commodity of the month. Want more information on these California grown fruits? Check out the resources below!

May Taste and Teach: Berries!

Strawberry Fact Sheet

Strawberry Ag-Bite – using strawberries to learn about the pH scale

NEW! I Love Strawberries! book

El Dorado County Farm Day

It’s great to be back!

More than 900 students and 44 teachers from 22 different schools participated in El Dorado County Farm Day!

Each student learned about how plants grow and started a desktop garden, something that will grow into their very own mustard plant. Want to grow one yourself? We’ve got a resource for that. Find it HERE!

Agriculture…à la carte

Photo Credit: California Farm Bureau

Seaweed supper for dairy cows? You read that right. The California Department of Food and Agriculture recently approved the use of seaweed feed shown to reduce methane emissions from cow burps. Read the fascinating findings and get other diary cow resources from California Farm Bureau’s Ag Alert and The San Francisco Chronicle.

Big Day of Giving!

We’ve got 24 hours!

Can you help provide FREE resources that increase awareness and understanding of California agriculture? Your support directly impacts educators and students throughout the state. Let our numbers do the talking. Last year California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom accomplished the following:

  • 1.2 million students reached
  • 1,085 new teachers joined Ag in the Classroom
  • 372 teachers were awarded $46,450 through annual grants
  • 100,000 copies of What’s Growin’ On? (our student newspaper) were distributed
  • 16,000 students registered for our our virtual California Farm Day

We simply cannot do this without the generous support of our donors. Please consider making a contribution today. Give where your heart is.

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