Track Your Nutrition

#FunFactFriday – Did you know that one acre of wheat can be made into 1,500 loaves of bread? Have high school students race around the track by “eating” from all five food groups as they Track Their Nutrition with this Ag-Bite! Students will #LearnAboutAgatHome and explore fun nutrition facts and how our bodies use the food we eat in this ag-tivity!

National Blueberry Month

July is #NationalBlueberryMonth! Did you know that blueberries are found in more than 4,000 products including our pet food and cosmetics not to mention some our favorite recipes? #LearnAboutAgatHome and celebrate by trying blueberries in a new recipe! You can find inspiration on our BlueBerry Fact And Activity Sheet and on the California Blueberry Commission website! 

Retro ‘What’s Growin’ on?’

Did you see our Cream of the Crop E-Newsletter yesterday? Are you a California teacher interested in adding to your classroom rolodex of resources? We are offering a ONE TIME opportunity for educators to order a unique set of What’s Growin’ On? student newspaper editions produced throughout the past 18 years! Request your set by emailing us at!

Be sure to include your preferred mailing address in your request!

Agriculture… à la carte – Your Weekly Ag Update

Source: CDFA Planting Seeds Blog

Agriculture… à la carte – Your Weekly Ag Update – During the COVID-19 crisis, food initiatives throughout California have been initiated to battle food insecurity. CDFA Secretary Ross writes about an Imperial County company, SunTerra Produce and their efforts to make fresh produce available in California. SunTerra Produce is supplying 45,000 25-lb boxes of fresh produce per week! Read more in an article from CDFA’s Planting Seeds blog

4th of July Avocado Cookies

Source: California Avocado Commission

As families throughout America prepare for the 4th of July, avocados are on the shopping list for many! From guacamole to burgers and salads, avocados have become a staple!

Use this recipe from the California Avocado Commission to make 4th of July Avocado Cookies and have students #LearnAboutAgatHome using our Avocado Fact and Activity Sheet!

Drive Through Nutrition

“I’d like a hamburger please!” Beef is high in ZIP: Zinc, Iron and Protein – all important nutrients for growing. Do 15 jumping jacks while you spell out what ZIP stands for!

Check out our Drive through Nutrition Ag-Bite to have students #LearnAboutAgatHome while being active and exploring nutrition and many of the foods we eat! 

June Teacher Feature

Each month, in our Cream of the Crop E-Newsletter, we highlight a teacher who is working to include agriculture into their classrooms. Meet Elsie Bohorquez, a Kindergarten teacher from Los Angeles County and read how she helps her students #LearnAboutAg! “My favorite AITC program is Taste and Teach because it introduces students to produce grown in California. It allows students to try fruits and vegetables that are locally grown.”

Learn more in her Teacher Feature and don’t forget to sign-up for Cream of the Crop, the July newsletter will be sent next week!

Agriculture… à la carte – Your Weekly Ag Update

County fairs throughout the country have been changed and/or cancelled this year because of the pandemic. Along with many of the ripple effects, 4-H and FFA students are adjusting to this new dynamic with virtual and socially-distant livestock shows and sales. Read more about the creative ways fairs are working to help students in this article from Ag Alert.