Busy Bees

#LearnAboutAgatHome and have students investigate the pollination cycle using our WE Garden Busy Bee Activity!

More than 80% of crop pollination is accomplished by bees and in this activity students will use a paper plate to discover the different steps of the pollination cycle.

January Teacher Feature

Julie Brackx, a third grade teacher is San Diego County is our January Teacher Feature in our Cream of the Crop Newsletter!

“Agriculture is a great way to introduce many different subjects to your students including: math, science, nutrition, and language arts. Once you start looking, you will find all kinds of fun and creative ways to make agriculture come to life for your class!”

Learn more about Julie and how she helps students #LearnAboutAg in her Teacher Feature!

Agriculture… à la carte – Your Weekly Ag Update

Source: California Farm Bureau Federation

Agriculture… à la carte – Your Weekly Ag Update: During the next few weeks, beekeepers throughout California will finish moving approximately 2.5 million honeybee colonies to pollinate the state’s 1.26 million acres of almond trees.

For some beekeepers, this year is a rebuilding year after the devastating wild fires last summer and they look forward to the spring season to rebuild their colonies. Read more in this article from Ag Alert.

Dairy Council of California’s Educator Recognition Program

The Dairy Council of California’s Educator Recognition Program identifies, engages and celebrates California educators who proudly advocate for the health of their students and school community through nutrition education. The program also includes an award component, the Let’s Eat Healthy Leadership Award, which allows educators who embody the spirit of the program to be recognized by their peers and partners for demonstrating outstanding advocacy.

Learn more about the program and nominate an educator today! The deadline is February 1, 2021.

Farms for Food and Habitat

Did you know that farms, ranches, and forests are not just places to grow our food and fiber? They also provide an important habitat for wildlife.

We talked about wetlands during our Live activity last Thursday. Explore and #LearnAboutAgatHome using our Farms for Food and Habitat page from our 13th edition of What’s Growin’ On? Let’s Look at Water!